Windows 11 Release Date, System Requirements, and Features

Windows 11 Release Date, System Requirements, and Features

Hey guys, today we are going to talk about the most awaited operating system by Microsoft, which is Windows 11. Windows 11 is now in its beta version and is going to be globally released in the holidays season of 2021. Windows users will be able to check all the new upcoming features and see the platform growing in the upcoming weeks and months. Here you will see all you want to know about Windows 11 release date, Windows 11 system requirements, and much more about the OS.

Microsoft has Officially Announced Windows 11 Release

Microsoft announced in an original press conference that Windows 11 would be released in the holidays of 2021, which is around October to December. However, Microsoft has strongly hinted that the operating system is going to get released by October 20th, highlighting the date as a notable instance in multi-screen images of Windows 11 OS and other press releases.

However, it looks like that the initial OS launch date is going to be for the preinstalled systems aside from those who are already using Windows 10 and want to upgrade. Customers will not be able to get a free update of Windows 11 until 2022.

Is Windows 11 Preview Available?

Microsoft accordingly, you can download a preview for Windows 11 if you are a Windows user. The users of Beta or Dev channels are going to get the Windows 11 insider releases, even if their hardware is not able to fulfill the requirements for Windows 11.

The Latest Windows 11 Built

Microsoft published the first notable update to the Windows 11 Preview on the 8th of July 2021. The most recently released build number is 22000.65 (the original 22000.51).

The most significant intensifications are:

  • “Power Mode” settings availability is in the Battery & Power setting menu.
  • New layouts of snapping in portrait mode for tablets and PCs.
  • There is a Search Box in the Windows start menu.
  • The taskbar appears on many display modes.
  • Alert boxes with the new unique look.
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Windows 11 Requirements for Free Upgrade

Windows 11 upgrade is going to be free for the most recently released Windows system users and the required hardware. The minimum criteria is specified by the firm and it is announced that you will be able to use the new operating system if your system matches the minimum requirements.

Windows 11 System Requirements Mentioned Below:

According to Microsoft’s blog, the following are the minimum requirements to install the OS:

  • Minimum Ram: 4GB
  • Minimum Storage:64GB
  • TPM 2.0
  • Securely Booted UEFI BIOS
  • 720p Resolution of Display on 9-inches or larger screens
  • GPU: DirectX 12 Compatible

You will need an internet connection and a Microsoft account for the installation.

These excel the Windows 10 system requirements in a variety of ways. Microsoft has described them as a CPU of 1-GHz but not multi-core or 64-bit, 1Gb to 2GB of Ram, 16GB to 20GB of space, and a GPU of DirectX 9 with a minimum 800 x 600 resolution.

Windows11 TPM 2.0 requirements include many users, especially those who constantly build their computers. Every motherboard does not have a TPM module, although you can opt to update the motherboard. Many of the systems have a TPM module, but it is disabled by default. That’s why you must enable it from the BIOS settings.

Microsoft is also willing to provide a non-TPM version for the countries that have banned and do not allow TPM, like China and Russia. The reality is that Microsoft can do this raises whether TPM 2.0 should be a compulsory requirement for anyone.

Wait, there is more: where Microsoft’s specification lists a 1 GHz, 64-Bit, 2-core CPU as the minimum, the business requirements also has a list of compatibility with the OS. The 7th generation of processor, and 1st gen AMD Ryzen, the less specified are not on it.

Windows 11 Updated Features

The Windows “Start Menu” appears on the center of the taskbar by default, although you can opt to set it on the left. The tiles are simply colored and have decent symbols.

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According to Microsoft, the menu implicit “the cloud” to guide you by displaying the relevant documents/programs regardless of the gadget you were working on earlier. Carmen Zlateff, the Partner Director of Windows User Experience, validated that a document is appearing on her mobile phone display on her PC Start menu.

Windows 11 has redesigned its search experience, which now appears on a separate window. It’s anticipated to search across services and devices. Bing search is going to be the default search engine.

Black Screen of Death

According to Verge, Microsoft will change the color of its Blue Screen of Death for the final release of Windows 11. However, unless you modify the registry value, the preview build will not result in a black crashed screen.

Snap Layouts & Groups

When you hover over the maximized/minimized Windows 11 button, it provides you a snap layout selection based on your screen size. So, when you open two or option Windows applications and you appropriate the space, you will get an option of dividing the screen evenly between them or the only one screen occupying half of the screen. The other two snap groups take a quarter on each other.

If you have to answer an email while doing the work, your snapped arrangements can be restored by clicking on an icon you will find in the taskbar. The icons for these Snap Groups will be displayed next to app icons, it will allow you to return to your complete layout with a single click.

Custom Wallpaper in Virtual Desktops

Microsoft has enhanced the experience of virtual desktops so that each desktop has its own design and background. You can easily switch between work and home chores by renaming your virtual desktops.

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Windows & Teams

Now, you can visualize your team’s icon on the taskbar, and you can call any of your teammates or your connection who use Microsoft Teams on any platform, including iOS and Android.

Windows 11 Widgets

On the left side of the screen display, you will find a slide-out Window that displays “Windows Widgets”, News collection, Weather, and much more. This is a greater update for the news and weather section compared to Windows 10.

Windows 11’s preview mode does not whelm the functionality of widgets. Having a stunning background, it lacks the combination of widgets that remind us of MSN or any other homepage of online portals.

Windows 11 Release Date and Ready to Run on PCs

According to an announcement by Microsoft, “Windows 11 Ready” ready PCs are on their way. But still, Windows 11 system requirements are so low that almost any other new PC can fulfill the requirements of the installation.

Companies like Dell and Acer claim that the majority of their latest models are compatible with Windows 11. Let’s suppose, if you have a PC with less than 4GB RAM and a processor that runs on less than 1GHz, even Windows 10 is not an option for you. We do not know if all of the machines these days come with TPM 2.0 chips installed on their motherboards.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs:

When is Windows 11 going to be available?

Windows 11 is going to be publicly available by the end of 2021, which is going to be October to December.

Can I get Windows 11 now?

No, Windows 11 is not currently available for anyone. Although, you can go for Windows 11 preview which is available on Microsoft Dev Channel. If you have an Intel-based computer, you can select an x64 option. The users having an Arm-Based Windows PC, such as Surface Pro X, can choose the arm64 option.